By spastic hardon - / Thursday 12 December 2013 21:01 / Australia
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26-- I am pretty sure op is a male. I would be possibly impressed, mostly confused if my female friend sent me a dick pic. Also, don't thread jack.

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#50- Yes, because you were so offended at seeing a picture of what you thought was my dick, I'm going to show you the real thing now.


Some people just aren't willing to listen though, especially after an unwanted sext xD

Try and explain to her what happened, if she'll hear you out. I'd figure out which one of your "friends" did that, and hit them. That "friend" may have ruined your chances with her, and that's not something a friend would do.


Or, if he's a good friend who had a momentary lapse in judgment, explain how badly his drunken prank turned out for you and see if he'll talk to her.

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