By Anonymous - / Tuesday 30 June 2009 22:19 / United States
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First ahaha

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Giraffes no one cares if your first!

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Fail fail fail fail fail fail fail fail bail vail frail mail pail tail rail eail quail sail gail jail nail bail vail vail KKK


Today, I was mistaken for a prostitute after I got into the front seat of an elderly man's car. The man was my grandfather, and he was taking me to a doctor's appointment, since I wasn't going to be allowed to drive home after it. FML

By Catlover234 - / Friday 2 October 2015 19:08 / United States - Madison

Today, I took my wife to a country concert for her birthday, even though I can't stand country. While she had the time of her life, I was punched twice, had a beer dropped on me, and had a rather large, drunk woman fall on me. Happy birthday, baby. FML

By Senseless_487 - / Friday 16 September 2016 18:29 / United States - Pioneer
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