By Anonymous / Friday 24 December 2010 15:12 / United States
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  roeallen  |  11

Exactly. He deserves it, unlike you, you slacker. You should have tried harder, and maybe you wouldn't be flipping burgers, while flys away in his new jet-pack.

  brianjman14  |  22

Making fun of someone because he put so much effort into his studies? Are you fucking retarded? That isn't a reason to make fun of someone. I bet your just the kid who had no friends and just wanted to make fun of someone to try and get some friends and feel better.

I may make fun of a kid at school, but it's because he's really annoying and he tries to make me angry. It's actually more of an enemy-relationship.

  MonkeySpeaks  |  4

@ 53: That's not necessarily true.... AT ALL.... You have little concept of what average salaries are compared to executives, huh.

What if the OP lives in a small town where the COL (cost of living) is low, allowing companies to start at lower annual salaries - let's say the OP grosses 27K/yr. Which would actually mean he nets LESS than 27 a year, so let's hypothetically say OP nets 24 thousand a year. If the "nerd" were to make 24K a month, he would be making just under 288K a year, give or take depending on his tax bracket. Not so unrealistic, now is it, considering most top execs make closer to 7 figures (if not more). Shoot - OP can even be making 35K a year (gross wages), which is average starting pay in big cities and the "Nerd" would STILL be making under half a mil a year.

Either way - you get what you give, and the guy the OP is talking about obviously worked hard and gave his all instead of slacking off.

And you DO know you can enjoy your time in college and high-school while still working hard at your grades. It's called priorities and an ability to organize. Valuable skills...

  DocBastard  |  38

heroesgleealias -Good point. You should definitely sacrifice your future by partying in school and not applying yourself. Then you'll end up like OP instead of earning more and living comfortably. Good plan. Dumbass.

  neondeath  |  0

u don't have to do great in school to have a great job....my moms bf faild grade 8 and was a bad student in high school but he makes $400 a hour and signs multi million doller deals with major companys

  Bobissmall  |  13

True 55, but i bet he still works hard at his job? You don't have to be smart to be successful, just work hard. The fact OP teased him for working hard suggests they don't work hard now...

  DocBastard  |  38

heroesgleealias - Ever heard the phrase "Youth is wasted on the young"? This is what that is all about. Young people generally aren't able to plan well enough for the future. You have your whole life ahead of you, so wasting time when you're young jeopardizes that entire future.

But who am I to be giving life advice other than a simple adult who has lived through the folly of youth and has perspective enough to see what kids do wrong.


It's a not a waste of a school experience by working...that IS the school experience.
The whole point of school is to prepare you for your future, not to party.
It's called school, not "happy-fun-time". It's a place where you LEARN and have homeWORK.

The fact that his school mate makes more than he does is well deserved. He wasted his school experience by NOT working hard.


Aaaaand how am I his "little bitch?"

Because I agree with him? Because he's...I don't know...RIGHT?

If agreeing with the wiser people on FML makes me their "little bitch" in your eyes, then I guess you're my "little bitch." [:


92- Nope. Its just the way you cling onto him as if he's FML.com's savior. He may be right, but I can't stand how condescending the two of you are.

Its as if he wants to replicate Cinn. (another fml user)

  DocBastard  |  38

FML's savior? That would be Sirin, FFML_314, and pendatik. I will in NO way take on that responsibility.

And wait...you're comparing me to Cinn? That's one of the funniest damn things I've read all day. Cinn makes useful comments that are helpful, kind, and supportive. The most supportive comment I've made probably had something to do with garter belts.

And it isn't really condescending if I'm actually better than you. Ok, that was a joke. Sorta. :)


Doc is right. I didn't worry about boys and partying in high school and I actually made so many scholarships I banked the cash ones. You can enjoy your life after school when it's not on your parents' dime.

  MonkeySpeaks  |  4

@101 - I fail to see why life ends after you are 20.

You wanna party your first 20 years, go for it... but that means the "best years of your life" are over after then - for the rest of us who used the first 20 to work hard - well... we still have the next 40-60 years to look forward to. Why? Because we've already done the hardest of the work, learned to prioritize, grew up and can balance responsibility and fun.

But the rest of you can go ahead. Focus on fun while you're young, right?... that way you can look forward to 40 years of constant work to make ends meet... right?

  MonkeySpeaks  |  4

You can kinda tell who has their shite together on here and who doesn't. Or at least who is older and has life experience and who doesn't.

Here's a hint: The latter are getting frustrated and disgruntled at the former pointing out the wisdom in working hard early on and saving the excessive social lives for when you can afford it.


Yeah, it will be "no fun" for you if you bring a child into the picture.
What you wanna party and go out and abandon parental responsibility?
I speak here from experience. I had fun in high school. Luckily, I'm smart enough that my work ethic had absolutely no effect on my grades, but that attitude followed me into my first semester of college. Then, my boyfriend got me pregnant.
Thankfully, I wizened up, now I work my butt off because I have obligations to my unborn son.
So yes, if you party your butt off now, it is entirely possible that you will ruin your chanced of "fun" for the ext 18+ years.

Yeahhh...I cling onto him?...okay? You're not worth arguing with lol
I may sound condescending, but I only become condescending simply because most of you sound like total imbeciles when you speak. This makes me feel oh so intellectually superior to you...ugh...nevermind...I'm just gonna let that go because like I said...you have proven that you're really not worth arguing with.

  ALQ_fml  |  13

I find it amusing that most (all?) of you also overlooked the fact that, for some of us, studying can be fun - depending on the material. I, for one, greatly enjoy(ed) my studies.

I do wholeheartedly agree with those of you saying that screwing around when you're young generally leads to a less successful life, particularly because businesses in today's economy require much more education from their employees and applicants. Besides, you can focus primarily on your studies, put "so much effort" into them as the OP's acquaintance did, and still have a good life experience.

For goodness sake, the one guy who seems to think that partying is more important than studies - it's entirely possible to be a full time student, hold down a part time job (at least) and still have friends. Just don't party every day. Simple as that. Prioritize.

Unless you kill your kidneys and liver with drugs and alcohol while you're in high school, life does not end at 20.

  Cinn_fml  |  21

I agree with ALQ, how have none of you cottoned onto the fact that some people do find studying fun? Or don't find it any less boring than socialising. Everyone's 'wired up' differently, and whilst most people do enjoy going out with friends, some people don't.
It's also possible that the nerd the OP was talking about did balance work out with a social life but the OP focused more on the latter and the nerd focused more on the former. We don't know the ratio of work : socialising that went on, or even what that socialising consisted of on both sides. We just know that the nerd prioritised studying, which at school/college/uni is probably the best idea. It's possible to enjoy yourself whilst still putting lots of effort into your work.

@Laughing_atyou - What? I make helpful comments (usually) and Doc makes jokes and entertains us with a variety of cheesy puns. This is clearly one of us trying to replicate the other. Ah that's amused me till lunchtime.
Also to have an 'FML saviour' we'd need to define how it needs saving, because I can think of a few people who've got different areas covered.

  dre_bro11  |  12

#14 I agree 100%! my mate always tells me that he doesn't give a fu** about school cause he thinks he will get a good job without the grades, he doesn't even complete exams cause he thinks it's nothing but a letter on a piece of paper, and that because he is quite smart inside that's all that matters... he does even say crap to ne because I do quite well. I can see op being my mate and me being ops mate in the future.

  dre_bro11  |  12

#55 you're right, but if you do do well in school, you could possibly be the person that hires those that didn't do so well, and while they are working to make your company (or whatever) money, you can just sit back and relax and watch your estate grow.

@111 rofl!

@166, 111 was clearly (for me anyway) being sarcastic.


Thank you!
That was a point I failed to make and I appreciate all of the wise people on here!
Studying should be fun if you're studying the right stuff.
I'm training to make 70k a year as a Cosmetologist. I love my work, and it makes it really easy to say no to partying and stay home and do my work.

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