By stepsister / Friday 10 June 2011 05:17 / United States
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wow your dad must be what girls call a DILF.. but yea thats def weird to have a parent be inna relationship with someone their kids age.. good for him i guess but for you ehhhhhh not so much..


everyone calm the f*ck down. she doesn't say her age she could be like 30 and the dad could be like 50. that's not to bad is it?


Did you think about all the naughty things you would do to her before this happened?

  fthku  |  13

Yes, which suggests OP thinks of her soon to be step-mom as more of a step sister, doesn't it? she could be referring to herself, but it seems just as likely to me she refers to her step mom.
In any case, you can't know for sure OP is a woman.


1. Pedophile
2. no, being a pedophile is going after someone under the allowed age limit or shall I say the age limit your local society gives like maybe if you 19 going after 17 year olds it's okay but 16 is not okay.

  SpinozaQ  |  2

Close, but no. Pedophilia is the condition of being attracted sexually to pre-pubescent forms. Being attracted to a fully developed 16 year old is completely normal. Stop listening to what the mass media says and get educated. Pedophilia is fairly rare. Most 'child porn' doesn't involve it, but we prosecute it all the same. Think of the children!! Pretty much end all logic on the topic.

By  chiddy_bang71  |  0

my hats off to your dad.

  johnson94  |  5

I get it!!! it's cuz its like the step mom is having sex with the girls dad!!! geewilickers!!! hahahahaha

By  11jackson11  |  0

I'm sorry, that sucks. be proud for your dad though, unless she's a bitch.

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