FML - The follow-up

Today, I met my downstairs neighbor after she repeatedly banged on my floor as a way to quiet me down. I guess I'm not allowed to walk on my floor. FML

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Hey guys this is my FML! Anyway my neighbor downstairs has been trouble since I moved in. My 1 year old can't play with his toys and I can't so much as breathe without her acting passive aggressively toward me. I guess I should give her the benefit of the doubt because the unit above hers was empty for so long? But I met her at the mailbox the other day and told her as much as I tried to be quiet, I'm not dead. I will make a little noise since we live in an older complex. She hasn't really bothe
By Pretty_Pisces - / Wednesday 6 April 2016 19:16 / United States - Cincinnati
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Next time you should consider to try the art of hovering. Maybe get an award for beeing technological advanced and while you are at it, build me a hover Skateboard. Thanks


Coming from someone who lives on the bottom floor, it's incredibly loud and annoying to constantly hear someone clonking around. I lived with different people above me. Some I never heard and some were obviously heavy walkers. Annoying your neighbor is not a good idea, especially since they can complain to management.


I have lived on the bottom and top floors. hearing your neighbor walk around comes with the territory. Older complexes seem louder than newer ones. I also have hardwood floors, but I'm sure the sounds would be muffled a little more if I had carpet.


I was going to suggest boots with a heel, but tap shoes are even better. I'd be tempted to leave a note saying next time she bangs up to your floor, you'll assume she's asking for a tap dance.

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