By vcarder - / Friday 4 October 2013 20:25 / United States - Newton
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By  reymon8823  |  21

Ummm yeah I've got nothing

  SoliDSt33L  |  33

What was the point of your comment, #4? If you have something relevant and comment-worthy (helpful to OP, for example), you post it. Yes, I realize the slight bit of irony of my comment.

That sucks, OP, and good luck. I won't be an asshole and post something sarcastic.

  reymon8823  |  21

Lmap I meant i have nothing as in I've done something similar to this just didn't cry about it forgot what she looked like cuz i was so obliviated and walked right past her i had forgotten what she looked like until she messaged me on Facebook

By  CocaColaPepsi  |  13

Nice girls don't sleep with very drunk guys they just met a t a club

  CocaColaPepsi  |  13

Its really not that judgmental, if the guy was sober and they were just talking and started dating that's fine, but if she was about to sleep with a drunk guy, she's not q bad person but she's not a "nice", girl.

  CocaColaPepsi  |  13

it doesn't matter if the world is "lacking" in nice people (which it isn't, people just focus on the bad things on the world,) either way she's not a nice girl , but not necessarily a bad person either

  wallandpiece  |  16

Why can't she be nice if she meets people in clubs? What on earth is wrong with talking to someone in a club and liking them? I wonder if your comment would have been the same if the genders had been swapped.

  CocaColaPepsi  |  13

I'm a girl, so why would my opinion change if I was a guy saying a girl was wrong? an if you actually read my comment I specifically said that she doesn't know specifically to be bad person she just not a "nice" girl

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