By jsw029 - / Thursday 26 February 2009 04:51 / United States
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By  holynemesis1208  |  3

aren't you glad he gave you a wrong number? if you only was lasting not even a min. what fun would that have been for you later. unless your into that kinda thing.

By  camis  |  0

F*** your life because of this? Why exactly?

By  Lick_yer_face  |  0

Why are people assuming you didn't use a condom?
He could have quite easily have took it off himself and not made it obvious...

Anyway, I both think the guy is pathetic whilst at the same time think he's a bit of a God.

I recall an earlier FML about a guy who came really prematurely and the girl just laughed and left... so in way he shifted the FML post from him to you. :-P

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