By ellabellabooboo / Sunday 22 March 2015 02:27 / New Zealand - Auckland
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  aclark2523  |  29

Maybe the daughter gave the mother a reason not to trust her.

  Googolman  |  28

To be fair, that whole "friend" is usually a lie. It's like, "Hey mom, listen, I have this 'friend' who is pregnant and she's wondering how she should reveal it to her parents..."

  captain_mal  |  19

I have never heard of anyone doing that #49... That's a very strange way to approach it honestly.

  iPixiee  |  23

#52 It's just example, It could also be like : " hey mom, I have this friend that likes a boy but she doesn't know how to talk to him. have any advice?" you get it?

  Deku_Cutie  |  12

#49, do you even HAVE friends or kids? That never happens, ever.

  CaroAurelia  |  12

I've used that sometimes. Had it used on me before. In fact, once it was actually a girl in my class who was wondering where to get a pregnancy test. (Like I would have known, considering my dismal romantic track record in high school.)

  UhHuhHoney  |  20

No wonder you call yourself a genius. ?

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