By Whitley / Thursday 4 November 2010 15:17 / United States
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By  DocBastard  |  38

You fried a mouse? That's disgusting! What the hell is wrong with you, you fucking sicko??! You should have sauteed it in lemon butter with some shallots and garlic. Dumbass.

  ChubbyCake  |  5

lol something like this happen to me when I was making brownies. I preheated the oven and heard a loud pop. My friend hid his beer in the oven so his alcoholic roommate wouldn't get it. I am a beer killer D:

  EffinAhole  |  0

2 was trying to be 1 by typing a useless comment like "YDI" to get it on here quickly. #2 you fail and you also look like you're like 9 years old. Do your parents know you're on this site?

  EricaCookies  |  0

ok, firstly, I'm 18 and is in university getting a law degree. and yes I know I look young for my age. secondly, if I smell smoke and aiisnt100% sure what it I's I would check it out..

  cmac86  |  21

my thoughts exactly. I was imagining the smell was what they were cooking in the first place. I can't imagine the mouse was too much worse of a smell.


Today, my husband asked me to buy a different brand of dish soap, as the one he was using wasn't working. After a quick look, I had to agree. The lemon cordial he had been using, while tasting nice, didn't really help clean the dishes. FML

By SpankyRaven / Tuesday 30 June 2015 17:29 / Australia - Raymond Terrace

Today, I threw an eraser at my brother to get his attention because he couldn't hear me over his music. Being in a bad mood, he thought I was trying to aggravate his bad mood and responded by throwing a small desk cactus back. FML

By ThatGuyWithFMLs - / Tuesday 25 February 2014 09:31 / Japan - Osaka
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