By blueglover / Tuesday 27 March 2012 07:40 / United States - Perris
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By  rosha267  |  21

Doesn't sound much crazier than half of what's written in the bible...

By  rosha267  |  21

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  jonagoo  |  8


  22cute  |  17

Actually, that theory makes MORE sense from a biological standpoint than virgin birth.


Respectfully disagreed.

  FMLshark  |  12

Wait. That's not what happened?
My whole life at crazy Jesus camp was a LIE

  Bekll  |  29

I think they all make the same amount of sense: zero.

  danishbagel  |  3

I don't look down or have weighted thoughts on the Bible, Qur'an, or Torah. They are all equally worthless.

  Epsilonyx  |  15

Also, 16, it does not. Virgin birth in the scientific community is known as parthenogenesis. That's a bit more plausible than a mutated extraterrestrial Jesus raping a woman.

By  jonagoo  |  8

Dafuq? Sounds better than a Jesus freak.


Agreed. People are entitled to believe in anything they want to or not anything at all If you don't believe in anything, then respect the people who do, no matter how strange it sounds. All if not most beliefs systems are supported in their own way.

  l23VIVE  |  17

Not when it's this stupid

  Isoldael  |  25

How can you tell them they are wrong as long as you can't prove the opposite? That's why I never claim god doesn't exist, even though I don't personally believe in him.

By  swimmerstud  |  7

If you we're his friend you wouldn't care about what he thinks about Jesus...

  bitch_pleez  |  10

Look at the picture of the guy who's spelling you just corrected. I believe it speaks for everyone who does not give two fucks how a word is spelled as long as the meaning is clear.

  Blue_Black_fml  |  21

^^ You're** right. It makes it much easier for the readers to understand what you're saying when you spell words correctly. I won't care if you call me a bitch like you did with #17.

By  Gothicbunnyx3  |  16

Next he'll want you to LARP.

  Kog_Hiro  |  17

Whoa now. Larping and having a weird/awkward/different view on religion is 2 completely different things that are not tied in any way. Lets try and keep that as such please.

By  the_tiger_fml  |  0

you would care if he was mental tho...

By  chimocho  |  8

Are many Americans this weird with religion? :S

  DanielleinDC  |  31

11-I'd say yes.

As for the OP, that doesn't sound much crazier than the talking snake and all the other bible myths. Or any other mythology. Is Athena springing from Zeus's head crazier than, say, Jesus born of a virgin mother?

62-def appreciated the Blink 182 reference as well.


Today, while installing a deadbolt on my closet, I did it wrong. It closed but wouldn't lock so I had to re-install it. Sitting on the floor of my closet, I shut it to make sure it was installed correctly. I locked myself in for twenty minutes, home alone, before kicking the door down. FML

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