FML - The follow-up
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OP here, wow I can't believe this actually got posted. I want to say thank you for the kind words, it was deffinatly nerve racking. To clear some things up, no we did not call the cops. The reason is once I heard the phone go off I woke up my mom and she turned on all the outside lights scaring whoever it was off. (I could tell because their phone went off again but that time the sound was farther away) Also I could tell it was a cell phone from how close it was and ring tones are easy to recog
By countryb_cth - / Saturday 14 May 2016 20:57 / Canada - Consort
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#2 can't help but notice that my name is chris and i'm from calgary.

Should this ever happen again and you have a chainsaw, start it. I can almost guarantee that will scare the shit out of them and word will spread that your house is not one to fuck with.

By  N7Com

i second the chainsaw idea but make sure you have a recording of screaming and bone crunching sounds.. THAT would scare the shit out of someone and get a giant dog like a german shepherd and teach it to guard the house boom kickass security

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