By Creeped / Thursday 27 September 2012 08:19 / United States
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Doc, if she were hot, there would be no FML. At least not from the OP's point of view. We might hear if this from the daughter or the girlfriend, but the OP would be bangin' away at the hot MILF in gooey bliss.


#28, nice saying, but not true. The pussy that you turn down will come at you twice as hard next time. You'd better cave quickly because you don't want first-hand experience with "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."


I think you all are missing the part where OP says the woman trash-talks their "partner". So there's a chance OP is gay and isn't interested in the woman, hot or not. A gender identifier would be nice here, and more details.


27 - I don't think it matters if she's hot and of course there is still an FML If she is hot. After all, OP DID say he has a partner... Unless he's a cheat which I know all you FMLers hate, then he still should be posting the FML.

Tell her your happy with your life and if she doesn't quit the bs you'll make sure she isn't in it! Be blunt and if need be rude so she can get it through her head

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