By I need a new ballsack. - / Tuesday 16 September 2014 16:20 / United Kingdom - Macclesfield
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By  2ndSucks  |  15

Way to age with grace, OP.

  bigdfootball97  |  24

It's the worst right?! ?

  DaMann360  |  19

Briefs are for people who want more support over comfort. Boxers are for people who cherish comfort over support. Try boxer briefs. They provide plenty support and are really comfortable. Plus, it's pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself ;)

By  briang959  |  46

It'll happen again later in life. Around 70.

By  weirdly_cute  |  11

Getting old sucks. But make the most of it. Harass the young! They can't say anything if they think your senile

By  Chibi_Kitten  |  24

Who needs underwear? Free yourself and go commando!

By  cakefete2  |  30

Unfortunately, it gets worse. I work at a nursing home and sometimes certain parts of the residents unintentionally end up in the toilet bowl. Getting old sucks, but I prefer it to the alternative.

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