By blahblah1993 / Friday 20 February 2015 17:56 / United States - Katy
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By  Adeptus_Astartes  |  22

Damn heretic. Who does he think he is?

  gshocker20  |  21


By  dolander  |  10

I would hate to b a waitress

  JustinJK  |  21

#40 - depends where you work. I eat out frequently. I'm a "food snob" (I only eat local, no mass chain restaurants, yadda yadda) and I respect the people who serve my food because they make the experience so much more. Not all of the places I eat are super high end, but I always tip well. A lot of the restaurants I eat at I end up tipping 20 dollars at least and upwards. a lot of my friends parents own restaurants. Me and my friends have all had our share working as waiters. The money can be good.

  TheMalygos  |  21

I dont think you should go that far

  buckstop1  |  37

So he can have his balls burned off? I agree, I hope it "accidentally" spilt somewhere, but certainly not his lap. Maybe his table. Or head.

  devildog562  |  33

I've made that mistake once, she just gave birth.... I think a piece of my soul was killed the way she looked at me. I felt bad . Never again. Don't care if I'm in the delivery room, you never ask a girl if she pregnant or comment on her weight

  devildog562  |  33

Negative it's a trap! Men , never not ever , ask a woman if she's pregnant. Avoid any situation that could be misconstrued as she looks big or might be pregnant . Just say wow you look like a radiant angel. 8/10 times you won't go wrong.

I'm kind of a dick though so I usually just moo a lot. Just playing. Vote me down if you want .

  devildog562  |  33

I think that's why I said I'm kind of a dick , and just playing . Although I do moo at one of my close friends . It's a long story and it's because I love her like family .

  marigoldcobain  |  21

#39, I haven't actually tried this before but most women know they're fat. If I asked one if they had kids, they may infer that I think they might be pregnant and get mad at me.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Agreed. Op I really hope you told him, loudly, that you would walk faster if you weren't creating a child at the same time. I'd love to see the dumb look on his face and the hate on the look of the other customers faces as they all realized what a jerk he was!

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