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That's what I thought. Or it simply means he is realizing he wants to get remarried someday—and is looking and planning again.

He will let you know when he gets back from the honeymoon with your nice new 26yr old stepmommy that you didn't like anyway.


This actually sounds like my new step-mom. only she was 28 and my dad was 48. I didn't find out until 5 months after they had gotten married.

oh hell no. and number 7...she probably knew her dad was in a relationship..just not that he was getting married. that's pretty shitty. but hey..when you get married...do the same. then he may know just a little bit how it feels.


Well I never read my news feed, rarely. I only sign on to check some notifications (the email ones) and the links in my email go straight to them so I'm rarely on my homepage. and if he has over 100s of friends and they post often, it's likely it will be gone in a jiffy.

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