By melon squash / Sunday 11 September 2016 10:15 / Belgium - Kessel-lo
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By  LyricaSilvan  |  29

That sounds terrible, but I laughed pretty hard at the term "fruit cheese."

I wish you luck getting it cleaned up. You definitely don't want that smell sticking around.

By  klutzyduck1  |  24

Bright side: you could be the next Gallagher. His exploding watermelons don't have anything on your trick! I feel bad, that's going to be awful to clean. And from your description of the grossness, you will probably never eat watermelon again.

By  species4872  |  19

You do realize that because of the watermelon escapade most of the audience has now left.

By  TabooSushi  |  24

Keep all possible windows/sources of ventilation open for as long as possible for a good while. It's probably the only way the smell will eventually dissipate.

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