By artiemilano - / Thursday 15 October 2009 19:42 / United States
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'Sucks' would be putting it very mildly. Personally I would've murdered the bitch with my bare hands. Smash 'er skull in with the PC casing.

Lmfao at the guy above me and trust me never leave ur mom alone with ur computer.. Well unless u cleared ur history :D


Yeah; it can be recovered. It's not like she ripped out the HDD and swiped the discs with a neodymium magnet.


OP left his computer with the Windows installation inside, his mother booted from the disk and followed the installation procedure, formating the HD.


Windows installation has cool music. You can find the mp3 of it easily. 1. Open Run (Start, Run or Windows Key + R) 2. Type in "oobe" (without the quotes) and hit enter 3. Go in the images folder 4. Look for the file there (can't remember the name)

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