By Emily S / Sunday 9 October 2011 05:17 / Australia
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By  NoNotTheFace  |  8

I can only imagine the conversation you had with him.

Wha.. what is this?
-Urm. It's nothing. Give it back.

Now every night, he's on his bed, in fetal position, rocking himself to sleep because he's mentally disorientated knowing that a creepy stalker is masturbating to his facebook profile picture.

By  wilsontws  |  18


  HappyCynic  |  0

Oh man, this happened to me before when I mentioned that I thought some guy was cute to a friend through texts. Then the guy was looking through my phone and I was like "hey gotta text a friend!" and quickly took it back

  22cute  |  17

I love the way people claim they are "forced" into making the lame decisions they freely CHOOSE. Irresponsibility is sooo popular.

  MagicallyFat  |  12

I had the same problem but I had a picture of my self with my shirt off (I'm fat and it's good to take a pic of yourself and see the difference in weight loss) and I forgot about it and gave my phone to a girl I like and had to like nervously watch over and hope to god she doesn't look at my pics. All was well though thankfully she didn't.


Today, the guy I made cookies for, spent hours getting ready for, and drove 3 hours in traffic to see never actually wanted me to come. When I knocked on his door, he opened it, but immediately closed it in my face. He then texted me saying, "I met someone else." FML

By Caligirl1996 - / Tuesday 9 June 2015 06:10 / United States - Long Beach

Today, my boyfriend and I are on camping vacation. On my way out of the tent, I stepped in a pile of shit. When I told him, he said, "Oh, I couldn't make it to the bathroom last night." The bathroom was a minute walk from our tent. FML

By justash12 / Sunday 25 August 2013 09:13 / United States - Kearny
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