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Yes. You can buy a kit to make your own at Lowe's for pretty cheap. Just, uhh, double check your measurements before cutting... *sweeps frame scraps under a rug*


actually, depending on state code, AC may not be a requirement to be acceptable living quarters. statue 83.51 of Florida tenant/landlord code says that for a property to be habitual, heat, running water, and hot water must be provided. AC is not a requirement. also under Florida state law, it is not the landlord's duty to fix this, even if it was provided at the start of the lease. what OP can do is check with local code to see if AC is included in that, as well as their lease agreement. window screens are supposed to be installed and maintained by the landlord though.

Look through your lease contract closely, he may be obligated to fix it. If he is, you can decide to not pay rent until he fixes it because he is not holding up his end of the contract

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