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Like first and second comment say get a chain wallet. Or just carry your cash, debit card and license and everything else that's important in your pocket. You will make sure you won't lose them that way.


Why is it this comment taken negatively by so many people. FML commenters are dicks. I'm sure I'll get kicked off for this but fuck it!

If you have a cellphone, you could get a special case (hard case, not wallet case) that you can put the cards you really need in the back. It usually fits two.

I'm assuming by saying you left it, that you're setting it down and forgetting to grab it again. Invest is both a chain and the habit of putting it back in your pocket when you're finished with it. NEVER SET YOUR WALLET DOWN. It's the quickest and easiest way to forget it.

I also went through a phase where I kept losing my wallet. It'll happen enough to where you'll constantly check on your wallets location. Maybe try to always put it in the same pocket and make sure it's pushed to the bottom of it.

By  M3DO

There's a device called trackr bravo, if you put it in your wallet and connect it your phone through Bluetooth and then you can see where your wallet is


But OP knows where his wallet is. It's not not knowing where it is that's his problem, it's leaving it on the train.


I don't know if this is a feature, but they should make it so that if you get more than, say, 30 feet away from your wallet then your phone will scream.

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