By DaggerHole - / Thursday 6 March 2014 14:54 / Australia
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By  SoapTurtle  |  7

what a shitty situation amirite

  HowieDoIt  |  21

I don't bother with downvoting anymore, trolls are gonna troll. I've learned to expect these comments, and accept the troll as a member of a community, in the hopes that one day, the beast may become tamed.

  Karenezzy  |  20

Unless they are allergic to wax, it'll be worst.

By  puggypark  |  14

I know right

  Meettitan  |  14

I think the worst part is having to deal with the swamp-ass after that. Men have ass-fros for a reason.

By  Karenezzy  |  20


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