By Demotivation - / Friday 23 August 2013 14:12 / Germany
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By  chris4u2nv5  |  16

Oh gosh! No alien babies

  michaelaranda  |  28


I cant belive i misspelled such an easy word.

  Ziggyboo  |  10

Yeah, I agree, 7. 3's fame is feeting! Eh? Eh?

  threer  |  30

LOL oh my gosh we noticed!

  SlapAndTickle  |  20

I'm assuming 'heavily pregnant'

By  Pstraka6  |  20

That would not cross my mind to even say that, but I would try to make it up to her with some gloves possibly, minus the fact that you'd be set even if it had a 'few extra hands'

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