By anon / Tuesday 14 April 2015 00:51 / United States
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  WhoCouldIBe  |  11

We have many types of zombies but when we think of biting and walkers we think The Walking Dead. More likely also because that's all the shows about instead of in GoT its only a small part... For now at least

By  Tankkiller308  |  16

You tried to eat her out now she is going to eat you literally

By  daretotell  |  7

I don't see how this qualifies as sucked.

  Wakachulak  |  22

Lame and overused. Not you #23, you're good :thumbsup:

By  janfleury  |  19

There are positions that keep her mouth away from you. Just make sure she has a pillow or something that you don't mind her ripping up. Congrats on rock'n her world so much she lost all control.

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