By twiggy24 - / Sunday 5 February 2012 02:51 / United States
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Yeah, you shouldn't throw anything away without checking what it is. It could happen with other more important or valuable stuff and when you realize, they're already gone.

Banks usually are greedy and unless you put the country of Ukraine in your card you probably weren't getting much back. But the economy is shit so that extra pocket cash would have been nice.


So you'd rather do the work to avoid your mom finding your report cards rather than just do the work so that you don't have to worry about her finding them? Brilliant.


51&53 let me explain my mother was and still is a nut job, I got mostly B+ and A- growing up but if it wasn't an A to A+ I'd get beat with a damn wooden spoon or chopsticks . Yes it was worth it to hide the damn things

I do my banking online too. But you never look at statements? You are 100% sure the credit card bank never makes a mistake? You are 100% sure there are no unauthorized charges? You never keep statements In case you need them later?


This person may be a moron but you can still look at all your transactions online. Your entire statement is available online. You should still open your paper bill in case there are any notices or changes you should be aware of

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