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She might call the cops and cause OP a huge problem. It sound slide they live in apartments to she could report it to the apartment manager and if that doesn't work record it and call the cops to have it documented then complain again to management. First rule of any adult conflict is document everything.

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Sounds like you need to give your neighbor an early Christmas gift so you don't starve. Earplugs with a note saying you have a matching pair so you don't have to listen to her banging on the wall all the time.

Go have a talk with her. If that doesn't work, go to the manager/landlord. Then if she is relentless, just turn up some music to drown her out and take care of yourself. Eventually she'll get the point.

By  Mpii

YDI OP. People need to be able to live in absolute silence. You should be ashamed of your self for making so much noise! You should maybe eat your filth. That way you neither have to cook nor cleat.

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