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  Minx108  |  28

Wait, wait, wait! If you were really a duke you'd be 'your grace' Misfit, you're not even an earl since you're not a 'Lord' Misfit! ! Your just a deceitful Mr! Away with the monocle you imposter! *Sigh* I really shouldn't know the titles of 18th century noblemen :(

  xSonic  |  14

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  YtotsDI  |  15

#77 I have just the concoction. He takes every morning for breakfast 1 large Whiff of a unicorns glittery toots 4 deep fried scales of the Lochness monster 1 tooth from the Troll (meme) And a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice-cream to wash it all down. Wish to know what he has for lunch?

  xSonic  |  18

9.......I would call you a b****, but you seem like the type of person that would find me and throw your bloody tampon down my butthole

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