By Stevie - / Saturday 17 December 2016 03:15 / United States - Southfield
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By  Baustigt  |  40

Tell her that, as an accountant, you would never do her taxes if she were involved in a car accident.

NURSE: *trapped in flaming car on the side of the road*
OP: *walks up and taps on the glass* "Hey, don't worry! I can calculate your assessable balancing adjustment relating to financial investments and foreign rental income!"
NURSE: *As hair catches fire* "But what about distributions from partnerships?"
OP: "Psych!" *walks away*

By  bartsj8815  |  1

1) Did you interact with her in person or over the phone? If over the phone, then she won't know what you look like. If in person, maybe she'll forget if you are in an accident.

2) If she's working at the time of the accident, she really can't refuse you medical attention.

  gracehi  |  31

I don't think OP is actually concerned that this particular nurse will refuse her medical attention. It's more she was being a big jerk when OP was just telling her a (disappointing) fact.

By  cheebifred  |  0

surprisingly threats like this are common from medical staff, my mum works in the payroll department for the NHS,some people that call up with queries that are so nasty is be scared to look then in the eye as a patient

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