By cryface - / Friday 7 February 2014 04:48 / Canada - Toronto
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  PipingMouse  |  14

Your the king of the jungle, not him!

  Vlen_fml  |  20

women give the limp fish treatment all the time, whether they're experienced or not. it's generally not appreciated, but i understand why they do it: they think because it works when a man is still on bottom its works for them to be still on bottom. just doesn't work that way.

  juan3611  |  14

#46 and then the cops show up for domestic violence :(

  PipingMouse  |  14

Maybe the guy is no good at what he's doing?? I mean, it's happened before. I sure wouldn't want to fake it.

  Dthsapprntc  |  23

Maybe he's not any good at what he is doing because she isn't giving him any feedback? He can't get better if he doesn't know what he is doing right or wrong. It does take two to tango after all.

But the again, she did call him an animal...

  darthjulez  |  11

My boyfriend doesn't seem to care ;)

By  iAlissa  |  34

If you keep lying there like a unmoving sex doll, he's going to stop having sex with you all together.
Start making it enjoyable for him, too. Do some work!

  klorehore  |  24

yeah, you hear all the talk how the guys needs to do this and that to please their partner, while the girls pretty much need to just show up naked. It's massive bs, us girls need to put as much effort and work into sex as the guys. That's when it gets good and enjoyable for both parts.

  iAlissa  |  34

I'm not a sexpert, but it takes about the IQ of a marble to figure out that to make the experience enjoyable on both parts, both put in an equal amount of effort. :)

  KJBanx  |  7

I'm sorry, but any girl that claims equal effort is kidding themselves (not that this is a bad thing, it's just sorta how it goes)

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