By cavallo31 / Tuesday 28 June 2016 00:47 / United States
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I spell it with an f all the time. F***tards, and that's exactly what they are. You deserve way better. One day when they need you they'll realise what a great person they lost.

I don't know why everyone is advising u to dump all friends. u heard only one guy make that comment, and may be others disliked it. so just sort that person out instead of shooting all dead


Clearly all of his so-called friends didn't invite him to the park and ignored his texts when he asked to meet up. They're all bad friends, not just the one who said that.


Because it seems they were giving OP the runaround on when to meet, he had to text them twice, and they were there for a while before they said to come meet them. Unless one someone else stood up for OP when someone asked why he'd been invited, none of them are friends.

Well OP I hope you invite them to a little trip... out of your life. You don't need those kinds of people in your life a d hopefully fine better. OR Since you only heard one of them asking that disrespectful question about you within earshot, I do hope the rest weren't like that and that "friend" isn't a friend anymore.

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