By Nawel / Saturday 13 December 2008 06:54 / France
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yeah it's kinda rude to offer some stranger your half eaten cake especially since you told her it's disgusting.but it's funny lol

Ummm maybe you should just keep your mouth shut. You don't say that to ANYONE. Poor girl...>.> At least "DISCREETLY" dispose of the cake before anyone noticed.


#5 wud you eat a cake that Waz disgusting and OP probably didn't even know that, that girl had made it...

"No, I said 'disgoostwanguga,' which in my native language of Romanian means delicious!" Then whisper quietly "go fuck yourself."


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wow. brilliance. sheer brilliance. next time, try throwing it away. someone asks? "oh, my stomach sort of hurts" or "i'm not very hungry"

You should have said, "You made it? Well, it is disgusting. What do you want me to do, lie to you?"

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