By rick / Monday 2 December 2013 21:15 / United States - Roanoke
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By  silverhuntress  |  4

Lol!!! She didn't recongize you???

  puggypark  |  14

Your grandma is sweet

  Ambient25  |  24

Damn it Welshite! I laughed out loud during an assembly when I read your comment...lol

  Ambient25  |  24

Calm down. I hit it after. I was falling asleep at the assembly. But since I'm on DET out here my quarters is right next to the hall, thankfully. So I started hitting the brews and saw #51s comment...at which point I just wanted to forget about the day.

  kder0aeon  |  9

uhh im more concerned that she was trying to set u up with your brother or cousin unless of course she didn't recognize it was u. in that case I think memory loss is of more significance if she thinks ur gay.

By  143amandaott  |  10

That's kinda awkward and did she forget that u were apart if her family??

By  JtPv  |  14

Am I the only one that doesn't see any issues with this? She tried to hook you up and complimented you.

  KasiaLilith  |  13

she tried to hook him up with a guy.. she is his own grandmother and planned to hook him up with himself..
call me strange but I do see a wee bit wrong with it

  glitterkuro  |  18

I agree that there is a problem with people assuming they know other people's sexualities just by looking at them.

Though I do get suspicious when straight people get really pissed off when others assume they're gay. I mean, yeah, people shouldn't have assumed. But why is being gay such a horrible thing that you're offended somebody made that mistake?

The problem is that she didn't recognise him, which is very sad.

  kevi97  |  6

Am I the only one that thinks OP misunderstood grandma's intentions. It's possible she did have a mental lapse or something and thought he was so similar that they would get along without realizing it was the same person. The "you're handsome" part could just be an unrelated compliment

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