By concernedsis / Thursday 4 February 2016 14:53 / United States - Atlanta
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By  kred  |  21


  IAmzephyr  |  22

with all these downvotes, looks like you're getting shrekt

By  Thoricsteam20  |  24

They're all a couple of jerk

By  chuka81  |  27

I've heard of peeing to mark your territory. Not much different from jerking of really.

By  isuckwithnames  |  22

It Takes balls to do jerk off in every house you visit.

By  weird_adult  |  27

Is your brother a hound dog by any Chance?

By  silky_mitts  |  11

Probably happens a lot in Georgia

By  nerovetsrethca  |  20

I hope it's just a rumor. But maybe tell or ask your brother about it. Rumors most of the time start with something little and gets bigger and faker everytime its passing someone.

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