By Anon / Sunday 12 February 2012 03:01 / United States
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More like over"zealots"

  g_asia  |  4


By  bethyc4  |  26

Pentium_4!!! And OP she's helping him to rise again like Jesus did from the dead. It's so kind of your mother to try and improve your sex life

  Pentium_4  |  26

sup?! i sent you a private message, i'm curious how you've died twice lol

  bethyc4  |  26

It was a joke dude and i died cuz one my father tried to drown me as a baby and two my heart stopped after pushing my brother out of the way of a speeding car and me getting hit instead. Idk how to answer private massages on here

  lucaluca_fml  |  2

I always wanted to try having sex with a corpse, are you still cold? Then let's get it on!

No, seriously, i get it, you almost died. Glad you are still around and kudos for saving your brother. Hope you have a long and outstanding life. Enjoy every second !

By  YeaSo3  |  14

Wow maybe your mom sees something you dont

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