By Sailorjoe - / Tuesday 25 August 2009 01:45 / United States
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By  MaddogTotten  |  0

More like FYL for having 30 coworkers watch you struggle to complete a task and not offer any assistance. The clapping and cheering was classic, but you would think they would offer to help first.

As a guy who has emptied trash cans professionally, that shit can be heavy! And seriously, who asked how heavy paper was??? A trash can full of paper would weigh a ton, the real question is why would anyone store anything other than trash in a trash can.

It's called a head people, it's not just a hat-rack.

By  xxgfxx90  |  0

this honestly isn't much of an FML...i was expecting it to be more like "after i got it in, i realized it was the wrong bag and i had thrown valuable paperwork away."


Today, a man came into the library where I work with a bag. He told me the bag was full of bugs he found in and around his toilet, and demanded that I help identify them. He then added, "They might be parasites. They're all over the bathroom, but I got the toilet ones here." FML

By StillGagging - / Friday 26 May 2017 12:03 /
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