By Anonymous - / Saturday 26 December 2015 18:23 / United States - Ridge
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By  SoloAutotunE  |  17

Remember, boys will be boys

  TH_Insomniak  |  15

I do that stuff and I'm actually very smart. I just like to do stupid THINGS. know the difference.

  TH_Insomniak  |  15

I guess that's why I'm still alive huh. just smart enough to do stupid things and still get by with it.

  TH_Insomniak  |  15

oh I've been punished for it multiple times, broken bones and all, I'll admit to the "I told you so thing" wouldn't bother me at all. if I die, you guys'll definitely be right! lol, but until then, Ima enjoy myself

By  KhaleesiDannie  |  26

I love the smell of burnt intestines in the morning

  koganti  |  18

you are being so pathetic !

  I_own_a_dog  |  11

Your face pisses me off

By  Xeebar  |  27

Did you argue at all? I hope it didn't get heated. I don't mean to be cheeky. I just can't help thinking that your son will now be the butt of many jokes. All in all, I hope he's okay and no one thinks of him as an asshole because this whole situation stinks.

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