By myfamilyisodd - / Saturday 15 October 2011 17:05 / United States
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  zfrt  |  3

Don't be a vagina, those things don't even hurt.

  Nutty4Muffs  |  3

Depends on the fps. And we're obviously not talking about Aerosoft here when we say "Emergency Room". Likely, it was a rifle, not one of those "vagina" handguns.

  Nutty4Muffs  |  3

Seeing the reruns for the old movie 50 times a year already makes me want to shoot my own eye out... wonder how I'd respond to a new movie with an ass instead.

  nalia18  |  8

8 i dont believe ive ever heard anyone called a vagina... You dont hear girls calling people a penis... Use the less sexsist term pussy and dick... By the way hes right on kick to the balls or "penis" your bending over screaming bloody hell but a hit to our vaginas and were laughing in your face... Then we kick you again for fun ;)


Pretty sure getting cooter punched still hurts.
:| though, just flicking a vagoo would do nothing. I hear flicking a pair of man jewels on the other hand is worse than flat out hitting them.

  enonymous  |  8

96 - You'll find out about a cooter punch in a few weeks / months I've been secretly strapping headphones on your belly and playing Bruce Lee movies for your kid.


Haha four weeks left.
Strangely he's a pretty docile kid so far. Doesn't kick hard at all. Maybe he's saving it for the day he gets violently ejected from my vag.
Is he going to Kung Fu kick his way out of my vagoo? D:

  vergaso  |  0

99.99% + .1% = 100.9%
100.9%..... what a weird benchmark number to show your certainty of the possibility of the 2 retarded options you gave

  cass85  |  8

If you're being such a PC Penis anyway then what is so preferable about "dick" and "pussy"? Surely you'd find them more crude. Calling people a "Penis" or a "Vagina" is much more effective is transferring triviality than the aforementioned.

  faithxoxox  |  1

96, when I said they could" take a pounding", I wasn't necessarily speaking of getting punched. Refer to 27's post. But yes, getting hit in the vajayjay does hurt. But it's not too bad.


for a bb getting shot point blank at your ass not to hurt, you either have the shittiest bb gun ever or you have such a hard ass after all the times you "accidentally" dropped the soap in the shower room.

  efynsien  |  1

I call bullshit. A metal bb is denser, smaller, and will actually easily penetrate skin. Especially if he was close enough to shoot himself on the ass.

By  haniam16  |  6

Did you kiss it and make it all better? haha jk

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