By Anonymous / Monday 23 March 2015 23:08 / United States
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No phone or iPod to listen to music with? I'm so sorry you had to sit through that... Good luck getting home..


I say sit in the bed of the truck. you can't hear them over Wind and you have a higher chance of dying, the only way to get the ball chafing stories out.


In most states, riding in the back of an unenclosed pickup truck is illegal. Go for the noise canceling headphones, OP. I got my son some for Christmas, and now nine times out of ten, he doesn't hear me talking to him even if I'm right behind him. Get your dad and his friend some bag balm. Stories of chafing balls will be a thing of the past. :)

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It's my term for gay people. Or if you don't get that one, those two sound like a couple a fairy fuckin faggots.

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