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  bl865ood  |  17

beat that pussy up

By  dudeofawe  |  15

I think most guys can affirm that they have had to do things like that from time to time to keep from getting a boner. Sometimes, it's the only way to keep from an extremely awkward situation.

  sam882  |  28

Exactly #60! It's a compliment. He should have just let it happen.It's his body's way of saying "Hey you're hot and you should move your head three inches to the right".

  jerzjay  |  17

Just gotta pop the chub and let em know!! No girl (unless it's like clearly your best friend) would bug out from that....FYL for cockblocking yourself op!

  imkool136  |  22

EXACTLY!!!! Then just move up and down a bit... Who knows? Lol

  Badkarma4u  |  17

Sorry man, If a girl is putting her head in my lap she has to know two things 1 a dick lives there. 2 I like her. If shes still willing to put her head there. Whatever happens roll with it. Shes not stupid.

By  juliawolak  |  8

Looks like you had quite the CATastrophe on your hands

  juliawolak  |  8

Fuck ya'll that comment was fire

  phreaker913  |  21

out. now.

  Indiantrolledd  |  16

Why the fuck was this downvoted? Fuck all you guys.

By  Wolfipoo  |  31

That sucks OP, but look on the bright side it was the right thing to do, may your boner R.I.P.

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