By Anonymous / Sunday 5 August 2012 00:27 / United States - Marlborough
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  mexican613  |  3

A real friend would've been in jail with her

By  tweimorts  |  4

Your friend seems like a really good person! Ha.

  subwaysurfers  |  13

What did you get from the FML? That her friend bailed everyone out of jail to give everyone a second chance because everyone deserves a second chance or something? Nothing indicates her friend is a 'really good person'. The pressure of trying to be first to comment probably just got to you.

  KitGrey  |  4

I never said being arrested was glamourous I just think having a bucket list that consists entirely of holiday destinations is a bit of a cliche. Also no one ever wants to hear your stories about how well travelled you are and how you've been influenced by the amazing culture of the bazoo bazoo tribe but they probably will be interested in that crazy minor felany you commited.

  Keliosan  |  6

...That just sounds unbelievably stupid. Sorry, if other people's interest in other culture bores you then just don't listen to them. I'm not sure how great your rationalization behind it is but purposely getting a criminal record for the sake of telling people about it is just pathetic in my opinion..

  HighasaCloud  |  46

Being arrested can be an interesting experience, especially if it was for doing something worthy of being on a bucket list. Just because it isn't a good experience doesn't mean that it isn't an experience worth having to understand the points of view of more people

By  Thisismypchere  |  8

I never understood how bailing someone out works. Can you just pay the police almost no matter what you did and then you're free?

Either way, OP, you shouldn't have paid because now she may think you'll do it again in the future.

  berichsoon  |  11

23, you are absolutely right. The bail is set to guarantee that the defendant would show up for his second appearance in court. Also, the bail is set based on the severity of the crime. So I'm guessing OP's friend did not commit a serious crime that's why the bail was affordable.

OP would get her money back if her friend shows up to court for her trial.

  xNephilim  |  18

It depends what you were arrested for. Sometimes, you won't get in any more trouble than your arrest but need to be bailed out, as in picked up, by an adult.
Other times, someone can place a bond that will allow you to wait for your court date at home. That can be money or property.


What does where she grew up have to do with anything? Also in the US potential employers can only ask whether you've been convicted of a felony involving physical harm, or damage to property of another person. If OP could bail her out, I doubt it was a big deal.
Please stop using "ain't", it makes your comment significantly more painful to read.

  MichellinMan  |  20

^ it doesn't necessarily matter if they ask that (in my opinion), they'll know that OP's friend was dumb enough to end up in jail because of thier fucking bucket list. and if the word ain't is painful (which makes no sense), don't read the damn comment.

  metalwolf  |  17


offensive words are like mines in a unmarked mine field. You wont know you stumbled upon a "ain't" until it is too late and something blows up.

  EvilDave  |  13

Do you know what else prevents one from getting a job? Not knowing the difference between "Your", a possessive, and "You're", the contraction of "You are".

Also, using "ain't", failing to use apostrophes, and not know that "ain't" is an improper contraction of "am not".

  Keliosan  |  6

23- your "which makes no sense" seems ironic considering you use "ain't". Also I'm pretty sure the ghetto isn't the source of all stupidity...just because some idiots think it's cool to call where they live "the ghetto" doesn't mean everyone that lives in low end housing is retarded.

By  Shaneisabeast  |  0

Number 6, getting bailed out of jail is basicly paying "X" amount of money to keep out of a jail house while awaiting trial, if convicted u still serve time according to what ur crime was.

  xNephilim  |  18

What's really weird is that when my fiancé got arrested and spent 3 days in county until his dad could bail him out, they counted his time towards his sentence. Now that he's back in county jail waiting to be moved to a Probation Detention Center, they won't count the time.

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