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Can't believe I got published on my first submit!!! Made an account just to comment back haha. First of all, wow, thanks for all the support :) and no, there will be no second date! Also yes, I am a girl lol, and dragging him out wasn't really that hard.
By nep012 / Thursday 27 November 2014 07:12 / United States
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By  howtobestupid  |  16

You give love a bad name

  sarah5745  |  41

You can look in a dictionary

  ToxicTyrael  |  26

#10 I thought you are fluent in English and American Sign Language?
English is my second language and I understood 'plastered' out of context.

  siggy_mcsigx  |  18

It isn't a common usage, particularly in America, I thought. And looking in the dictionary I am pretty sure he would get results about actual wall plastering.
Plastered = shitfaced

By  WCARlover  |  34

I'm wondering if you're a girl or guy. If you're a girl that's actually pretty freakin impressive

By  MrBlackledge  |  12

Sounds like my kind of date

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