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Hahaha I'm the OP. The comments are hilarious! :) The post office mailbox and the library book drop aren't right next to each other. They are near each other, but far away enough to easily distinguish which one is which. One is blue and the other is grey, so my mistake is even more pathetic LOL.
By lolateverything / Thursday 17 July 2014 04:25 / United States - Paramus
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  Danny_Boy12  |  13

Atleast it all worked out in the end

By  Sp1k3FML  |  14

Next time save yourself the problem by making sure twice


At my local library, they're right next to each other. They've had to resort to giant, colorful signs to make sure mixups don't happen. I makes me wonder who designed it like that...

By  Jtisallbusiness  |  5

Wow that's pretty ratchet

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