By cnd1213 / Wednesday 30 December 2016 18:02 / United States
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By  Soniarita  |  18

Tell who's ever higher than her, and if you don't get a promotion/raise stop doing her job, or get a better job that will acknowledge your skills. don't settle for doing other people's job.


Today, I was talking about an essay I'd written for a class that was due to be turned in online days ago. I thought mine was well written and I'd even finished it a couple of days early so I wouldn't forget about it. After a few minutes of talking and feeling proud, I realized that I forgot to turn it in. FML

By Akoni / Thursday 26 March 2015 09:53 / United States - Riverside

Today, I went to my first ever job interview. I thought I was doing well, until the recruiter asked why he should hire me. The only thing I could say was "Because I'm really, really nervous right now?" FML

By bebooneo - / Thursday 23 January 2014 22:16 / United States - Carrollton
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