By FML - / Sunday 30 August 2009 14:15 / United States
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By  Harry_Poochi  |  0

Wow, just... wow.

  genius_man16  |  0

agree with #47. It's your own damn fault for letting yourself get so fat. If you care, do something about it instead of sitting at a computer complaining to the internet.


yeah, i don't understand; are we supposed to feel bad for her because she can't control herself? the MOMENT i realize i have gained a pound, i cut back on eating and exercise like fuck. there is no excuse for gaining any more than a few pounds. self discipline.



agreed. Don't bitch to the internet about it. If you dont want to keep buying new jeans go to a gym or some sort of weight loss center and exercietill your able to fit into regular size. If its oe thing i hate its people who bitch to the internet about their weight issues when you solve it by not being lazy.

  redoleander  |  0

You know what? Not everyone is in the circumstances to where they can lose the weight they've gained. I have a chronic illness, and when I first first diagnosed, I was in a really bad flare up. One of the remedies was to take a steroid called prednisone. I gained fifty pounds while on it, which is a side affect of the drug, and I was so sick that I could hardly exercise, but the little bit I would try to do, did nothing for the weight gain. It wasn't until I got better, and my condition went into remission, that I was able to lose the weight back. Yet, while I was fifty pound heavier, I knew that people would judge me, and assume I was just some lazy fat ass. So why don't you think about the circumstances first, before you go off on this person? You don't know anything about this person, or their life. When I gained the weight, and had to buy new clothes, it was a big FML and I couldn't do anything about it, and it could be the same for then.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

74, YDI for being that stupid about your weight. OP is stupid too, but jesus "OH MY GOD A POUND!? OH MY FUCKING GOD NO MY LIFE IS OVER!" - seriously? It's just one pound... You sound awfully conceited.

Anyway, agreed with genius.

@98: Somehow, I doubt this is OP's case. You know how rarely that kind of situation occurs?


honestly, it just sounds like some skinny girl with self esteem issues who went from one size to one size bigger both of which she thought were big. i'm really doubting the OP is legitimately fat


wtf, i never said my life was over if i gained a pound. i said the moment you HAVE gained a pound or two, you should start exercising more and change your diet so the cycle doesn't continue. i'm not fucking conceited because i don't want to look like a whale.

also, as someone else said, those medical situations rarely happen, and it's still not an excuse. my mother has a major thyroid problem, and even she managed to lose weight :/. if you can hardly exercise, fine, but then you need to eat a lot less.

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

A pound or two is nothing to freak out over, and you obviously do if you think it needs to be exterminated immediately.
I don't think I know anyone who stays at one weight or even tries to. People naturally deviate through a range.
For example, I usually am between 115-120 lbs. Have been for the last few years. Sometimes I duck under, sometimes I peek over, but oh well that's life.

I agree though that if you exercise less, or can't as much as you used to, you need to adjust your diet accordingly. Your vitamin/calorie/etc needs decrease since you don't utilize them, so there's no need in consuming the same amount.


i was talking about going a pound or two over your weight range. of course people's weight goes up and down a little; you probably weigh a few more pounds at night than in the morning. i didn't feel the need to mention that because i believed it was obvious common knowledge. i am talking about going a pound or two above that, and anyone that knows their body should be able to recognize that they have gained two pounds or whatever.

  sobe23  |  0

i agree. its really not that hard to stay skinny or atleast average. =) atleast for me. sorry fat bitches, you deserve it! =) i guess i would be jealous if i couldnt fit into threes anymore.

  blalien  |  0

#98: You can't gain 50 pounds if you don't eat 50 pounds of food. A thyroid problem is no excuse. You can get every nutrient you need while consuming minimal amounts of fat. And if you're retaining fat, that just means you can get away with eating less of it. Life might be harder, yes, but that should just encourage you to try harder.

The only exception are the extremely rare conditions whose treatments require you to consume excessive amounts of fat, protein, and sugar. But I think the OP would have mentioned that.

  UrbanerMezei  |  0

Most of the people on this site screaming "FATTY FATTY PUT THE FORK DOWN" are actually over weight themselves.

Really easy to bash someone for your own problem over the Internet.


I agree that people ought to do something about their weight. People saying there is nothing wrong with gaining a few pounds....well that's obviously how people become fat...not worrying over a few pounds and it happens over and over.

I'm 5'2 and 100lbs, so I'm petite, but if I started gaining weight rapidly, I'd do something about it....

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

If you worry about every single fucking little pound you gain and/or lose, then you are a miserable, shallow person. Just saying.

A few pounds does not matter, does not mean "you're letting yourself go," and does not mean it'll just keep happening until you are fat.
As I said before, people naturally deviate through a range.

  NicoleIAm  |  0

I agree with 98. My mom was overweight and she honestly ate more healthy than anyone I know and she ate correct serving sizes, but she had a genetic tendency towards being overweight so it was difficult for her to lose weight. She also had extremely bad arthritis so just walking put her in great pain, let alone excercising a lot (although she did regularly walk the dog despite her pain, but that didn't help). I know OP may not be like that, and if she isn't she should try and fix her problems, but there is a chance she has similar problems. You should know all the facts before you start judging.

  wbrycem  |  0

Lol. Skinnyfag. Now people are making fun of people for being skinny?

Have a better diet (not go on a diet, those are two different things), and daily exercise. That will help you lose weight. Because bitching about it doesn't burn enough calories.

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