By 99Problemsandfml / Thursday 8 November 2012 19:03 / Canada - Hamilton
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By  bestnameright  |  14

What a (you can guess what word goes here ;) situation! Haha but really he sounds like a keeper that's hilarious even if he didn't do it to be funny.

  lonkite101  |  14

When you said "He's a keeper" it kindve made me think of what you call a relationship. You don't break up with people because of a small thing like that. Now that's idiotic.

By  soullessgingers  |  0

Seems like a smart one. Tell him to grow a pear and pick it up with a bag.


Pick the shit up with a bag.

  NeonPopRocks  |  14

52- Congratz! you win the idiot Grammar Nazi award! Pair generally means two items or objects that are together! And a pear is a type of fruit! No need to thank ME!


I picked up dung with a vacuum. Why worry about engine sludge? *engine sludge and shit pours down on me*

It was a Castrol GTX commercial reference.

Wasn't funny? Ok. I'll leave

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