By Anonymous - / Saturday 21 December 2013 19:13 / Sweden
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By  justkeez  |  11

I still do it and I'm 22 lol

  8born8  |  18

There's better frozen, (and thawed/defrosted, non-frozen/fresh), things you can tease your tongue with, my dear. Perhaps you need to go on a journey of self discovery to broaden your horizons... Try tongue-ercise with another girl. The taste and feel is amazingly different, yet sensually comforting. It's something that, I believe, all females should try & form their own conclusions about. I highly recommend it.

By  fallslikedominos  |  10

So that actually can happen in real life? Interesting. .

By  ashalayx  |  13

dont be such a scrooge

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