By whyme102008 / Wednesday 13 July 2011 06:32 / United States
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By  unholymasta  |  4

I think your dad had the right idea but shouldn't have physically assaulted your boyfriend. Hope you dumped his cheating ass.

By  unholymasta  |  4

I think your dad had the right idea but shouldn't have physically assaulted your boyfriend. Hope you dumped his cheating ass.

  Trupe  |  3

Your dad didn't go about this the right way. If you're gonna kick some kids ass, use a ski mask so they can't identify you.....unless he beat his ass as soon as he found out. That wasn't a good idea.

  DavLynn  |  4

In all honesty i think that I would team up with my dad, and make my moms/boyfriends life miserable. I'd probably be too mad to think straight and make the right choices. how can they even do that to her? grr.

  Alex94xela  |  0

if that were my daughter I would beat my wife and my daughters boyfriend. I would Chris brown her so hard then file for divorce.

  GigglePony  |  13

Epicly funny situation, yet so sad. :C F your dad's life. Also, Alex and Des have the right idea.

  theybebitchin  |  4

fuck, its the wifes fault too. she fucking cheated on her HUSBAND. I sure hope this wasnt a " dont hurt mahh girl!" when she cheated on him! Your dads a fuckwit, OP.

  whyXD  |  12


  tatababe  |  0

you and ur dad should go Chris brown on ur mom

  juicedboi  |  7

In the defense of the boyfriend. Even though he is a lowlife, when a beautiful woman offers to have sex with you and your young, you tend not to ask too many questions. The responsibility is more on the mother in this scenario as she should be the mature party. The kid can always break up and move on, the mother can't exactly break up the family and just move on.

  je_tdwp  |  4

Are you serious? I would have a pretty hard time not beating the shit out some low life douche bag that just cheated on my daughter with my freaking wife. This story pisses me off, OP have your dad contact me so I can help him finish stomping that kid.

  FMMFL1992  |  3

YDI for having a MILF for a mother. JK. but this situation is truly screwed up

  AlexRen  |  21

I'm surprised he didn't like slap the dog shit out if your mom,
then whooped your boyfriends ass.
what do you mean fyl, you should've been glad to bail your dad out.

  Flutist  |  3

210: Youth is a dumbass excuse. Just because you are young does not give you the right to break up a marriage even if the woman says "Take me big boy." You break up with the daughter if you are tempted.

  MCweSCRAPPY  |  2

yeah I'd definitely side with your dad on this, at least I understand where he's coming from. even though he probably didn't go about this the right way, it's hard to think straight in the heat of the moment after something like this.

By  steelrain0811  |  0

maybe sex with was good enough he had to see where you got it?

  seenyou  |  3

if you are trying to say that OP's bf might have wanted to find out where she got her moves from , so she slept with her mum .. then you sir , are a dumbass :)

  nissanman_fml  |  16

Sounds like a joke to me, 22. Don't get your panties in a wad :)

  phil777  |  2

yeah 22

  humzizzl3  |  0

Lol right 117, how does that work? pretty impressive & OP it's okay, I like Milfs as well :]

  SinfulRose  |  0

Omg Your grammar sucks so bad lol xD what the fuck your trying to say?

  dancebabe34  |  0

umm 166 milf stands for mother I'd like to fuck. everybody knows that. you learn it fast when that's all your guy friends sat about your mom like they do about mine lol

By  stevenmark  |  1

that sucks. fyl

  The_Weirdo  |  10

I hope your gave him a high five?

By  perdix  |  29

Does that mean your boyfriend could become your stepdad and you can start to sleep with your dad?

In any case, the eyes of Texas are upon you.

By  itswhateveridk  |  0

I don't understand your sentence, I think you are missing an "and."

  chrissymari3  |  1

she meant she bailed her dad out because he beat her boyfriend,,because her boyfriend slept with her mom...

  cumverg  |  0

Clearly, the mom needed a fix. And clearly, the dad couldn't supply it. And clearly, everyone on here who blames everything on the boyfriend and his "cheating ass" puts no responsibility on the mom. *Smh* Jerry Springer is always amusing

By  Eskeddit  |  5

I'm just going to come out and say it; your boyfriend is a champion.

  mrjude  |  3

I have no idea why you were voted down. I too think he is an epic man.

  rscanlan313  |  0

yea he is defiantly a champ

By  bigscarybunny95  |  0

Same thing happened to me last week!

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