By facepalm - / Monday 27 February 2012 11:06 / United States
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By  hernando240411  |  0

Conceded can u say......

By  MsAnnaH  |  1

He seems very nice ;)


There was this one time, this girl refused to give her boyfriend a blowjob, and he cock-slapped her across the face so hard, she put it on fml. Try doin that with a needle dick.

  spekledworf  |  17

long dicks can hurt, I am the unfortunate girlfriend of a larger man... ;)

  biggestfan23  |  11

#4 that comment was a very inexperienced one

  22jrdn55  |  15

Well, unless Its a really serious topic, a guy would not be able to pay attention when theres a topless girl in the room.

Who am I kidding, no topic trumps topless girls.

By  wes04ram1500  |  6

It the number one most asked question by women who are looking for a quick hookup. A man has to know it, what I would be worried about if I were you is who is wanting to know.

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