By Anonymous / Friday 4 March 2016 16:47 / United States - Suwanee
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  Eyalsh  |  32

my ex showed me a method for that, when brushing your teeth, brush your lips also. over a couple of times they will look like new. side effect being a weird feeling in the lips right afterwards for about an hour. but it's totally worth it.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

Chances are he has some sort of medical issue and it's worse than just your average chapped lips that Chapstick can fix. My cousin had insane chapped lips and went to the doctor it was so bad. The doctor told her she was actually having a type of allergic reaction to her Chapstick and every time she used it to help it was actually making her worse. She was told to stop using all chapsticks and only use Vaseline. It ended up clearing up fairly fast. Try Vaseline only, for about a week, and if there's no improvement go see the doctor.

By  Druu  |  53

Eww, dude, that is just so gross. Apply vaseline, especially overnight. (Mentholated chapsticks sting like crazy if your lips are chapped.)


Today, at college, I asked the girl who usually sits next to me if she wanted to team up on our latest assignment. She gave me a disgusted look, said "Um, I'm MARRIED. Creep." and walked away. Seriously, what the fuck? FML

By kevinfmls - / Saturday 16 January 2016 03:27 / United States - Reston
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