By Anonymous - / Saturday 28 March 2015 15:50 / United Kingdom - Horsham
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  buttcramp  |  21

i too hope things get better for you, OP. My advice would be to save your money so you can move out as soon as you can. My parents were pretty nuts too, once i moved out i had more appropriate boundaries with my parents.

By  AvAfan  |  14

Therapist. The rapist. Coincidence? I think not

  iiTzNeeNerz  |  26

Let me explain why you're about to get down voted; just so it doesn't come of as a shock:

1.) In no way is your comment relevant to the FML.
2.) If it were, rape is not something to joke about.

  LastResort318  |  14

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  FubarBundy1988  |  13

#24 that's exactly why you can't joke about it! Just because your brother handles it that way does not mean that everybody that has been raped handles it that way. I would actually say your brothers way is a very rare way.


My sister was raped and jokes about it too. I have no doubt I would as well if it happened to me. People should stop being so sensitive...

By  riahlum  |  12

Just get away from the bitch. Other people care. Key to success? Fuck bitches get money.

By  miaaxoxxo  |  16

I know how you feel OP. my mom is the same way, don't let her get to you. you're a strong independent person who will succeed in anything you put your mind to!

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