By DuhSteven / Wednesday 6 June 2012 17:04 / Canada - Surrey
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  citymayer  |  7

My 5-year-old sister outsmarts me all the time. Its usually with the way i say things, she twists it all around; it's probably bc she's got 3 older sisters and has to stay ahead of the game.. Still, she's very clever for a 5-year-old. This FML doesn't surprise me.

  22cute  |  17

I hate when you go to zoos or museums and the guide feels s/he has to be the world foremost expert on everything.
Just relax, encourage smart kids & try to learn something from everyone you meet. No one likes a know-it-all too stuck up to praise a smart kid.

  SparrowFall  |  0

I don't blame them at all . When I was 5 I was obsessed with dinosaurs and I knew the most obscure facts about them . On every other subject I was just a normal kid but If someone brought up dinosaurs... Well they were going to get lectured. OP probably just came across a lion kid

  Daiyuki  |  5

So was I, then I discovered dragons. Dinosaurs seemed pretty lame after finding out their flying, fire-breathing cousins were easily accessible.

  skoob1  |  12

Well he had to have done SOME kind of research, right? I mean, you don't just say "these are the lions... They have stripes.."
Little kid- "well some lio-"
"ns will eat children who harass minimum wage employees." *deathstare

  mars13_fml  |  8

Maybe he did do research but forgot or got nervous, it was his first day on the job. If he didn't know what he was talking about they probably wouldn't have hired him.

By  aaronfuegopop  |  7

Maybe you should go back to school...

  Lauren10102  |  3

Hmmm, I don't know about that... I am an intern at the Houston zoo and while holding a model ostrich egg in front of the shared giraffe/ostrich exhibit I got like 6 people ask me if it was a giraffe egg... it makes me scared for the future generation

  perdix  |  29

Give them a break -- most people walking around the Houston Zoo have some form of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. They are probably delirious.

  fmlllqueenn  |  0


By  CaitlynLovesLife  |  11

How qualified do u have to be for that job?

By  luvbughug  |  5

I know there is a good pun here between lion and lying but I just don't have it!


Today, whilst getting out of the shower, I tripped on the lip of the siding, bruising my middle toe. I fell, and in doing so, squished my cat. She won't even make eye contact and keeps wheezing. I have a feeling she is plotting my death. FML

By Ashlynnlove / Monday 10 February 2014 14:12 / United States
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